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Terms and Conditions


The person/organization requesting the use of Grace Christian Church facilities hereby absolves the church, its pastors, leadership, members, or people of any liability for personal injury to any individual resulting from the use of the church facilities and agrees to be responsible for any property damage that results during the use of the facilities. Please report any damage to the church office promptly.


The group or individual using the facility is responsible for set up, clean up, and return to normal set up of the facility. You agree that Grace Christian Church can at any time and for any reason deny the request for building use without civil liability.


The 963 Buildings are Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Free

(Building must be cleaned after your event, if you would like us clean, a $75 cleaning fee is due when you schedule)


Responsibilities after Building Use

Please note that it is the responsibility of the group or individual using the facility to set up, clean up and return the facility to normal setup after the approved event or activity.

  1. Wipe off tables. If food or drink is involved, wipe all tables clean using a mild soap and water solution.

  2. Return all tables, chairs, easels, and other equipment to their proper places after your event. Return all rooms used to their normal set up.

  3. If using the kitchen, please wash and dry all dishes used and return them to the correct cupboard. Cupboards are labeled for your convenience. Take all extra food and beverage with you unless specific plans for usage have been made. Wipe counters and leave kitchen clean and ready for the next use.

  4. Sweep floors and mop as needed. Please report any damage to equipment or property promptly to Kable or Janelle.

  5. Remove any items set out in connection with your event.

  6. Washcloths, towels, a broom, a dustpan, etc. are located in the kitchen. Please return these to the

    kitchen when you are done using them. Used towels and washcloths can be left in the kitchen.

    They will be picked up and washed regularly.

  7. Empty all of the trash containers. The bags need to be tied shut and taken out to the dumpster

    located between the two buildings.

  8. Please make sure the buildings are locked before you leave.


There could be more than one activity that uses the kitchen in the same week. Therefore, we request that you check with us before you bring your supplies to the kitchen.

Thank You for your cooperation. This will allow us to better serve the needs of everyone who uses the 963 Building. Our heart beat is to provide a beautiful facility for your event.

If you have any questions, you may contact: Kable Thurlow 989-802-3384 or Janelle Thurlow 989-802-3385;

If use of the sanctuary sound system or media system will be needed it will require someone to be on site to operate on your behalf and a $75 tech fee will be due when you schedule)


For Audio/Video tech questions contact Sam Kille 570-647-8848.

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